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Good Story and Characters

Montana Secret Santa - Debra Salonen

Krista had to tell her best friend Amanda and business partner that she had become substandard , uninspired and had adequate amour with a  big cup of cocoa . Krista had created Blue Sky Promotions.Since Krista moved to Montana  none of her family members bothered to visit her. Her mother was a producer/screenwriter.Krista was the only one in her family that wasn’t in the entertainment business. Krista’s family drives her insane when they are together.   Normally Krista was too busy to care but it hurt her at holiday time. But now Krista had to tackle the business with her best friend.  Amanda. It had been pretty fantastic to start a business with Amanda. Amanda bought her local contacts  and Krista had  a lot of connections of both coasts  When Krista had got cocoa and started to walk to her office  then a dog  barged into Krista . The man was walking three dogs  Bindi, River Jack and Bear.as he was watching  the dogs for his mother. Jonah’s parents had went to Florida to try to help his sister and her kids as his sister was now a widow. The man’s name was Jonah Jonah was also to take his parents as a Secret Santa volunteer.Secret Santa  fills wishes that are sent to the group. Emily wanted Jonah to take over as President of the Secret Santas  and get Krista on board as his VP. Jonah was intrigued by Krista and Jonah was definitely attracted to Krista. Then Krista found out Amanda was pregnant and that was why she had been dragging at work she was a lot more tired and wanted to nap. But didn't want to lose her place in the company and wanted t make sure she had a place there after the baby was born, Jonah  had just sold his company for a lot of money.  Christa does co-chair with Jonah for the Secret Santa Society.  Sparring with Krista every morning at the Secret Santa meetings was the most fun Jonah had in a long time. Then Krista’s family decides to come visit for Christmas. Neither Krista nor Jonah want a relationship  and Jonah lives and has his lab in Silicon Valley in California. Neither really have time or energy for a relationship. Krista had an ex boyfriend she thought might be the one he said he wanted to marry him but really only wanted a part in her mother’s nest movie. Then he walked away when that didn’t happen so she is leery of men and being hurt again.    As they spend more time the closer they get and the greater the attraction gets for both of them. Jonah has an obsession when he works and he had lost his last girlfriend because of it he even took him to court for not taking care of her sexually.. . Will a long distance relationship work for Jonah and Krista?

I enjoyed this story a lot. It was a novella but still had everything it needed for the story to be complete. The plot was very good and it was an easy read. But it started a little slow but I don’t really believe it took away from the story. I loved the dogs hi jinks  they added a lot to the story. I laughed a lot and out loud and that is always good. I loved how Jonah took time out of his life to dog sit the three dogs, I enjoyed the slow burning romance between Krista  and Jonah. Also could Krista and Jonah manage a relationship while online. I did love the characters  and the  in and outs of this story and I recommend.