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Good Story and Characters

A Magical Highland Solstice (A Tale from the Order of the Dragon Knights) - Mary Morgan

Eve was a modern day baker that the fae intervened and sent her back in time to Cormac. Eve was shy and sweet but didn’t let anyone walk all over her. If Eve could win the Sweet and Savory contest- before she was sent back in time- at the Blushing Rose Bakery she would be able to fix her car and repair the broken heater of her elderly neighbor. Eve then receives an invitation to travel to Scotland and prepare the desserts for Castle Creag’s annual Winter Solstice Festival. Eve jumps at the chance, The Laird Cormac meets Eve on a lonely stretch of road and Eve will be the answer since the castle cook had an accident and can’t cook for the festival. There was no modern things at the Castle Creag  and the kitchen is basically medieval. Eve was asked to cook a festive feast. Eve falls for Cormac. Eve always thinks of other people before herself. Eve is hardworking and loyal. The Laird and Eve feel a relationship is per-conceived with objections in their capacity to find love ( self doubt and skepticism).

I liked this story a lot. For two so different people from different times to end up caring for each other was very entertaining to read about. I like how Eve but everyone else before herself always willing to help if she could.  I don’t usually like time travel stories but this was a good story. This was a quick read. It was a very enjoyable story with a very good plot. There was a lot to this novella: time travel, a feast to prepare in a mid-evil time by a modern baker, different times. Magic, romance, a highland Laird, and so much more. I was pull into the story from the first page and the pull didn’t let go until I read the last page and I didn’t have a problem with my interest lagging at all. The only thing in being a novella is a common issue I felt this story was too short.  I would have liked some background information on Eve and Cormac. This was an easy read and I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.