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Intended for Bristol: A Second Chances Novel - L.P. Dover

Jaxon was the star kicker for the Carolina Cougars.in the NFL. Jaxon had done some bad things to his teammates and was steadily working to be forgiven for. Jaxon is trying to change but it isn’t easy. Then the team gets a new quarterback  named Ryan. Jaxon  didn’t like Ryan right from the start . Then Jaxon decides to go after Ryan’s sister Bristol. Bristol is a good girl but had been burned before and knows what it’s like  to date a football player. Bristol feel there is something about Jaxon. Jaxon has pulled some pretty awful stunts on his teammates. Jaxon is a jerk for the most part in the beginning . Bristol had moved to Charlotte one year ago and works for M & M Architectural Design where she is an interior designer . Bristol had left Texas to leave her past and her cheating ex boyfriend - A NFL wide receiver for Dallas behind her. Jaxon has to show Bristol he no longer that bad boy player jerky guy. Jaxon has no desire to settle down. Jax and Bristol have crazy hot chemistry. Bristol is seeping into Jaxon’s heart. Bristol made Jaxon open his eyes.

I had mixed feelings about this story. Some things I liked and others not so much. It was a quick read. But somethings didn’t feel realistic to me. It was an insta- love/ lust and I didn’t like that. I didn’t care for the overall plot. I also found the story predictable. I did however choke up at times which is good as my emotions were involved. It irritated me that the football team seemed to hate each other instead of working together like a team is suppose to do.. There were some things that confused me at times. Bristol should have already known who Jaxon was since her brother Ryan was on the team. Also I think there was to much information that wasn’t needed shot in at odd times which interrupted the flow of the story for me. Also this was a little too busy for me to completely enjoy this story.I did like Bristol’s character and although I didn’t particularly like Jaxon at first after awhile …. As you can see and as I said somethings I liked and others I didn't.