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Shift (Hot Rides) - Sidney Bristol

Emery Martin had been told by Iranian jewel thieves that the Russians are sending someone to Miami for a hit. It’s not them. Word is it’s from an old grudge. The jewel thieves want to get out of there and they were told emery was the man who could make it happen if they had the money. There was only two people in Miami the Russians Mob might want to take out badly enough to send a hit team instead of hiring some local thugs. Emery would work his regular, high end document forger angle, keep the thieves stateside long enough to get a warrant. Though emery was employed by the FBI as an agent and field tech, his role was much more elaborate. Emery needed to know for sure why an assassin team was coming to Miami. But the FBI didn’t any answers. Emery was mentally sorting the who’s who of the Russian Mafia in the state. Emery made it his business to know each and every face, their record and family vendettas. The FBI wouldn’t appreciate uses of their intelligence but he didn't care. Tori Chezoo was his every temptation . Emery’s life was a twisted life but hers made his appear to have been a cakewalk. Tori and her twin Roni were the daughters to a KBG spy turned American informant almost thirty years ago. They were part of Emery’s undercover FBI team, pretending to be mechanics at Classic Rides, a garage that specializes in muscle car restoration. There wasn’t even a Russian presence to think of. Why now ? What were they after? The whole reason Emery’s team was setting up in to take down the kingpin of the biggest kingpin of the biggest drug ring in South Florida. Which they had done without harm in any civilians. Their target Michael Eversaver was still in police custody. A rival street gang wanted Emery’s crew dead. Emery wasn’t a people's person preferring his bank of computer monitors to actually dealing with the living. Tori called Emery and asked if he was home and Emery told her he was headed that way. Roni was on her way to Orlando Race Battle and Tori wanted to know if Emery could keep a tracker on Roni that she wouldn’t take off or intentionally disengage. Tori was very attracted to Emery and fantasized about Emery. She also loved the way Emery handled himself.

This story didn’t keep my interest. I read about twenty percent and after that I just quit reading. This story just wasn’t for me.