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Good Story and Characters

The Rebel of Clan Kincaid - Lily Blackwood

Tara was told by Sister Agnes her guardian sent word he traveled near and wants to see her. Her guardian was Alexander Stewart - the powerful Earl of Buchan. Tara had never met him.It had been five years since her parents had died and her guardian had shown no interest in her. The Earl Of Buchan had had become responsible for Tara and her older sister Arabel. Almost immediately he had summoned Arabel to be presented at court. While Tara had been delivered to Dencroft Priory where she had been every since with only a rare letter from Arabel once or twice a year. At long last Tara Buchan the man who controlled her future. Her guardian was the king’s youngest son. Magnus finds out his whole life was a lie. He finds his sworn enemy is actually his brother. He is really Faelan Kincaid who is the second son of the Kincade family. When Laird Kincade was murdered his three sons scattered to the wind. The brother eventually comes back- he had been a mercenary- to reclaim the Kincaid land. The Kincaid brothers all had a small wolf tattoo under the arm and that is how they knew Magnus was one of the lost brothers.    Magnus had been lost when his family was taken and killed. Magnus is trying to find out who betrayed the Kincaids. So Magnus is going to stay with the Alwyns. Magnus is the leader of the Pit Warriors and allow stewart women to sleep in his room to avoid sleeping with Alwyn men.  To find out he had a family and and that his “father”   was actually responsible for the murder of his parents shocks Magnus. Magnus never has the opportunity to take advantage of his “father” The Laird Alvyn and Magnus was treated like a nobody. Alvyn’s son Hugh hates Magnus and goes out of his way to make Magnus miserable. Magnus is determined to make something of himself and worked hard to be a warrior and defender of his clan. Only as he finds out the truth about his family does he change his plans and what he wants for his future. Magnus feels the person he once honored and defended was now the person he wants to face justice.Tara is not to be presented at court but to marry her sister Arabel’s fiance as Arabel is dead and this devastates Tara. With no choice Tara is bundled into a carriage and an unknown future. Before Tara gets to her destination they are over turn by brigades. Tara runs for her life when she is attacked and threatened with a sword. Then a man attacks her attacker. Tara is thinking maybe things aren’t so bad and Magnus realizes Tara could change everything. Tara needs to find answers about her sister’s death Magnus wants to protect Tara from Hugh Magnus also wants his own questions answered. Tara  and Magnus fell fast and hard. They had an immediate attraction  and soon they end up sleeping together.  

I really enjoyed this story. It had a good plot and it had my interest from the beginning and kept it until the end. There was a lot going on in this story : misconceptions, murder, stolen stolen kisses, damsel saved, friendship made,  brother found, lies, hatred, rivals, treachery, rebellion, Highlander's,  destiny, castle, clans, and a lot more. I was surprised Tara was not more shy or scared and set back as she was when her parents died and then she went right to the convent for five years and with everything going on there really wasn’t  much time for Tara and Magnus. The ending seemed a little rushed to me. But for the most part I really enjoyed this. I loved how very protective Magnus was of Tara and he also didn’t want Hugh to hurt her as Hugh could be very cruel . I loved the characters and the ins and outs and I recommend.