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Good Story and Characters

To Tempt an Heiress - Susanna Craig

Andrew Corriven  is presented with a strange business request. To kidnap  Tempest Holderin who is an antiguan sugar plantation heiress. Tempest plantation manager and close friend is Edward Cary and he was concerned about the vile Lord Nathaniel Deamere. He may force Tempest into marriage. With her dad dead Tempest had no protectors in the communities. Tempest is a radical thinker and intends to free the slaves of the plantation Harper’s Hill. Andrew was a pirate who quotes Shakespeare. Tempest is wanted by many  by many men, these suitors wanted Tempest for her land, money, and herself for not exactly “loving” reasons. After kidnapping Tempest Andrew is to get her aboard his ship and take her to London where she will be safe from the Delemeres in her life. Andrew is to take Tempest to her grandfather. Andrew hadn’t been back in England for ten years. He left England to find the man who killed his father .On his way to England with Tempest he sees the ship who attacked his father’s vessel. Andrew offers to marry Tempest but she says no. Tempest feel marriage is a prison for women. Tempest wanted to run her own plantation. This was a time when women had very few choices or roles that were acceptable in their lives. Running a plantation alone without a husband or male family was just asking for trouble.

I thought this was a great read. I liked the plot a lot. I loved Tempest  spirit and determination to do what she believes in and has the money and land to do it. I felt bad that Andrew was kidnapping Tempest for her own good. I choked up at times and at other times I chuckled which is always good when I react to a story with my emotions. There is a lot to this story there is : slavery, a heiress, vile men, kidnapping, thirst for revenge, abolitionists, a chase, across oceans, action, piracy, greed, drama, romance, and so much more. This was a fun and good read. I liked Andrew and Tempest together. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.