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Great Story and Characters

Bottoms Up - Kate Deveaux

Lexi’s ex was Deakin and he had been a rebound lover Deakin had physically abused Lexi. Scott was the one Lexi really longed for but he was dead. The bartender stirred something inside of Lexi that had thought she had forgotten- desire. Lexi thought one drink before she cleaned out the apartment and turn in the keys.Justin could see Lexi was hurting when she walks in the bar and he wanted to fix it.  Lexi had been laid off this morning so she also had to get another job. - another thing to add to the growing to do list. It had been just over a year since Scott had died. The bartender’s name was Justin. Lexi returns to the bar and finds there is an opening for a waitress .

I loved this story, I thought it was so sweet and definitely hot. It was a short read with a great plot. Although I do wish it was longer. I didn’t want to put this down and it made me laugh which is great. It is an instalove/lust romance and I usually don’t like them that well but it worked in this case. I just loved Lexi and Justin together. I also love the fact there was actually  drink recipes in the book. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story  and I highly recommend.