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Good Story and Characters

My Highland Rebel - Amanda Forester

Cormac  MacLead snuck out of the monastery. Aristotle in one hand and Marcus Graecus scrolls in the other. He wasn’t stealing just borrowing the scrolls until it was convenient  to return them. If the monks had let him read the scrolls at St. Finan’s Monestary he would not have had to take the scrolls. Lady Jyne Campbell had always wanted adventure- her first mistake, Lady Jyne wanted some privacy - her second mistake. Lady Jyne ended up getting lost in the fog. Jyne had fourteen siblings and they all bossed her around. Jyne was born a little too soon and had been sickly so she wasn’t allowed to go on any adventures. Then Jyne got sucked into the bog and she yelled for help. Then a stranger pulled her out of the bog. Jyne was shivering and the stranger pulled her to him and covered her with his plaid and was also using her body heat to warm her up. Then her brother Davis showed up who was Laird of their clan But Jyne explained the man was actually helping her.  and told the stranger to unhand his sister.  Then David said they were turning around as a warlord had struck south of them but her brother Rab stepped in and said he would take Jyne to Kinoch Abbey her dower lands. Then Rab and Jyne would return home. Cormac had no choice but to return to the band of thieves as one of the monks still chased Cormac and since he had stopped to help Jyne  the monk got closer yet. He put Aristotle aside for some light bedtime reading and unrolled a scroll of Graecus. He was sure it contained the information he needed to succeed. Cormac had worked a long time on his experiments. Scanning the scroll he found a new piece of information. This might be the missing piece of information he needed to make his experiment work.  Red Rex wanted to see Cormac and that could not mean anything good. Red Rex was Cormac’s father and he had decided Cormac was to be his heir. But Cormac wanted to break away from his father. Jyne finds out some people from another clan - McNab clan. Is squatting on her land and Jyne is now responsible for them as the people swore loyalty to the Campbell clan. Now Cormac has to steal a treasure from Kinoh Abbey which is Jyne’s to keep the monks alive. Also Cormac starts to fall for Lady Jyne and she him but she doesn’t know who he is. This was the first time Jyne had control to manage a household. Also the first time people looked to Jyne to make decisions. But then things change to fear when the abbey is taken over by a fearsome group led by a man called the “Fire Lord” who is really Cormac. He has to assume two roles The Fire Lord and himself to protect the Abbey and the people in it including Jyne. His father sent about twenty men with Cormac to make sure he didn’t run off. Jyne and Cormac work together to rid the Abbey of the intruders.

I enjoyed this story. I found it to be funny and sexy read. The humor in it made me chuckle . There was a lot in this this story: danger, thieves, chemistry, possible treasure, scrolls, clans, warlord, double roles, lies, secrets, and so much more. This had a good plot with a good pace. I liked Jyne and Cormac together. I liked the characters a lot and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.