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Waiting For an Earl Like You: A Masters of Seduction Novel - Alexandra Hawkins

Justin Earl of Kempthorn or Thorn as he was called by his family and friends. His nine year old cousin Muriel appeared as he found a young boy who wet his pants Thorn gave the boy to a servant and asked his cousin if she knew the boy’s mother. Muriel said she did know the mother and would go get her Then Muriel said his brother was missing and Lady Felstead left it to Thorn to find his brother  Forty minutes later and Thorn still hadn’t found his brother, Gideon and Thorn were twins Gideon and Thorn were hard to tell apart.  Gideon had left but now he was back.Gideon had announced  that he was leaving England to seek his fortune and did not require Lord Filstead’s heir to accompany him on his travels. For the first time his brothers abandonment left Thorn alone in the world. Then he found Gideon with a lady. Thorn then yelled at Gideon that he had been sent to remind Gideon that he was the guest of honor. Perhaps Gideon should think more of his mother and less of himself.

I just didn’t enjoy this story. It just seemed to drag for me. It didn’t hold my interest and I didn’t force myself to finish the story But I am sure there are readers out there that will love this it just wasn’t for me.