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Good Story and Characters

Theodora (Lady Archer's Creed Book 1) - Christina McKnight, Amanda Mariel

Lady Theodora/ Theo wasn’t really a troublemaker but she was free spirited - a young woman enjoying studying and calculating and examining all kinds of things.It didn’t help when her brother sent her to Miss Emmeline’s School Of Education And Decorum For Ladies Of Outstanding Quality. Rather than learning needlepoint, painting, singing, playing an instrument, or how to serve tea when making small talk about the weather this school encouraged the students to explore their interest. After six years with her three roommates Miss Adeline Price, Lady Georgina, and Lady Josephine  the  young women excelled at archery and came to think of themselves as the Lady Archer Creed about to come out the four young women  meet in London and decide to enter an archery contest to win some money to donate to the repairs at Miss Emmeline’s school. Theo is attracted to Alistair and he to her. But Alistair has to marry off all of his sisters before he can marry. Theo is confused about everything. But he is the devil Adeline complains about. Theodora and Alistair’s romance has a touch of scandal to it. Alistair feels overwhelmed with the care of his eight siblings all under the age of twenty. Lady Theo has always felt like an outsider, never fitting in with her circle of friends, her family, or society. Theo has a fascination with maps and wants to help develop better maps and use of topography. She also has a special ability to cut Alistair's frustration and anxiety over being responsible for his siblings. Alistair's father’s health isn’t good and Alistair has never been taught the ropes of being a Viscount.Alistair is not sure how to I handle Theo or deal with her.

I liked this story a lot. At one point you set on the edge of your chair waiting to see what will happen with Theo and Alistair and all his problems with his eight siblings. This was well written and believable. But it was difficult to keep track of everything  going on. Also where was Theo’s older brother who was the head of the family and should be concerned about Theo. I liked how Theo could help calm Alistair. I thought they were sweet together. I also loved how the young women wanted to help get money to repair the school. I loved the characters and the ins and outs and I recommend.