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Good Story and Characters

Highland Spy: Mercenary Maidens - Book One (The Mercenary Maidens Series) - Madeline Martin

Connor needed a new woman for his ranks. King James had knowingly laid the perfect trap. Delilah wanted to know if he had found another woman yet. None of Connor’s women were fragile. The perfect spies. He hated having to look for a new woman. Yet it was an opportunity to spare her from ruin before her ruin could be known. Connor had been doing missions for the king for three years. Ariana had been too greedy. She had gone beyond what she needed for the merchants bill, the servants pay, and rent on her meager lodgings. Ariana despised the word cheating and that she had to do it but that was the only way she could survive. Then Connor went to Ariana and let her know he had seen her cheating. Then Ariana was told she could avoid being in trouble if she went to work for Connor as a spy. But when Connor met in private with the king he had to kill another person. Liv was also to become a spy. So Ariana and Liv became friends. Liv got sick along the way to wherever they were going in Scotland. Sylvi had already escorted them from London. They had already traveled almost a month together. Connor was given two names this time and they had to be taken care within four months. Connor had lost all his land and people from a brutal attack from his friend Kenneth who betrayed him. Kenneth was one of the people’s name he had been given. Ariana is learning to fight and be a spy. Ariana is developing feelings for Connor and he for her. Connor fights his feelings for Ariana. All he has cared about for a long time is getting back what he lost. He also feels that all he has done he doesn’t deserve Ariana. The women were trained in seduction , hand to hand combat, and sword fighting. Connor had an agreement with King James for ten years of service to the crown and then he will be free and his holdings returned to him.

I liked this story It had a lot to it: spies, down trodden women, an assassin, vengeance, deception, love, action, secrets, treachery, murder, a king and so much more. This has a good plot and was well written. I didn’t want to put this down it definitely held my interest all the way through this story. I felt bad for Ariana and Connor and all they had lost in the past. But I did feel the the girls trained much too quickly. Some parts seemed to rush to me but all and all a very good read. I loved the characters and the twists and turns of this story and I recommend.