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Somebody's Baby - Donna Alward

Oaklee was tired of attending bridal and baby showers. She wanted develop a chronic illness so she would have to go to them anymore. Saying no wasn’t an option , she ran the town of Darling’s social media. Oaklee had been given the office nickname “ Social Butterfly”. Oaklee was on her way to a double whammy the bride was pregnant and both Rebecca and Darren her fiance were over the moon. Jeff had ripped out Oaklee’s heart by leaving her standing at  a chapel altar in Vegas. Oaklee had been a former homecoming queen and Jeff had been her HS sweetheart. Thankfully Jeff had disappeared across the country to a new job. On her way home Oaklee hit a dog and she couldn’t leave the dog there to die. Rory  lived over the veterinary clinic where he worked as a Jr. vet. Rory had been best friends with Oaklee’s brother Cam who was now a hockey star. As a teenager Oaklee had a crush on Rory. Darling was the perfect example of small town America and it was Oaklee’s job to help bring in both tourist and business. Rory talked Oaklee into fostering Buster - the name Rory gave the dog- and Rory stopped the first time he could in the afternoon after he got out of work. Apparently Buster had made quite the mess. Before he left after checking on Buster and Oaklee. Before he left Rory kissed Oaklee and had liked it too much. He had already had his heart broke once. He liked being with Oaklee nut they really weren’t compatible she wasn’t an animal person where as Rory sometimes brought animals to his home to care for during the night. He was a night freak and Oaklee definitely wasn’t, Rory was laid back in jeans and a tee shirt , she wore high heels and name brand handbags. The only thing they had in common was caring about Cam and liking Papa Luigi’s pizza.

I basically liked this story but it just didn’t WOW me in any way except for Buster. This was very predictable story best friend falling for sibling etc etc...but nothing really stood out but Buster. But I will say this was realistic other than I think I would want to live over a vet’s clinic. Also the part of being called down for an emergency anytime during the night even if you weren’t on call and at times the animals got loud. I know it doesn’t take much for my dogs to go off morning noon or night. As I said this just didn’t grab me I could set it down or not have to absolutely pick up to see what  was happening next. But I loved Buster !! There were some good and funny moments just not enough as far as I am concerned. I would put a 3.5 if I could.