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Good Story and Characters

Greek Millionaire, Unruly Wife - Sun Chara

Michalis said he would take the model. Julia had cost Michalis a marriage and a billion dollars in a Tokyo deal gone wrong. Julia had shredded Michalis’s heart cost him his pride,. Applause broke out for Julia it splintered Michalis’s thoughts and spiked his fury…. His passion for revenge. Her untimely exit had rocked Michalis’s sphere and his bank account . Julia had nearly bankrupted him. Michalis had put everything on hold to search for Julia and to clean up the legal mess his uncle ‘s amour had created when she’d charmed -scammed the old guy into signing away half the Leonadis fortune. The fortune Michalis had slaved over years to amass. When he found out Julia was living it up in Paris., he had shut her out and scrambled out to save his business and stay afloat he would waste no more time on her. Michalis liked everything simple and Julia was anything but simple. He likes to keep his focus razor sharp, his mind alert his instinct in play and a quantum leap over his competition. This had helped Michalis years ago when he had taken over his uncle's run down tourist boat rentals in Athens   and built it into a mega international shipping line Michalis had given Julia the world and at the first sign of rough waters she had run she’d jumped ship and created a tidal wave of confusion. In three months Julia’s creams had soured in her fantastic marriage to the Greek millionaire fractured but Julia hadn’t left empty handed. If Chach hadn’t been on this fashion show she would not have been able to make rent. At twenty eight and had been away from the fashion circuit for a year and model opportunities were few and far between . What was Michalis doing here after a year of silence. Michalis the man who she once loved and now hated. What did he want and know Julia had come home one day and found Michalis fresh from a shower than a woman appeared in a skinny negligee. Julia said “ you’ve been caught”. Julia never got to tell Michalis she was pregnant and since she had left she had a daughter and named her Amy. Julia met Michalis and she reminded herself she couldn’t let him see that he still affected her , too dangerous for Julia’s mind , emotions, and world. She remain immune to his charm, his magnetism, and his potent sexuality. Michalis wants Julia and Amy to come to Athens for one month and he could get to know his daughter but he can also use Julia for his needs. Julia had been abandoned as a child and she would never do that to her own child. Amy was now three months old. Then Michalis takes Julia on the yacht for  the weekend. They got caught in a storm , damage was done to the boat and they had to swim to Mermaids Grotto. There was a hole in the yacht now. They did make it to the grotto.

I enjoyed this story. It was a very good read. It did drag a little for me, but not enough to really get in the way. I love how Julia loved Amy and wasn’t going to let Michalis take their daughter from her no matter what she had to do. I was also happy it was proven to Julia Michalis did not cheat on her. Julia’s fear of abandonment had colored her thinking. I was happy for Julia and Michalis they deserved to be happy and a family with Amy and the past to be put behind them. I love the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.