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Good Story and Characters

The Baby Bombshell (Shadow Creek, Montana) - Victoria  James

Lily stumbled out of her almost in laws house on New Years Eve. She had been She had seen her ex fiance Jack and decided she had to leave. She wanted to remind him of everything he had given up when he went away five years ago. But Lily did find that she still loved Jack. Lily wanted to hate Jack so much and hurt him but she couldn’t. She had wanted to hurt him as much as he had hurt her. His concern just made it worse yet she knew she had too much too drink to drive, herself. Her best friend was Jack’s sister even now and they were going in on a chocolate business together, Jack had lost his twin brother Michael and his nephew Matthew and felt guilty because he was suppose to have driven but had called off and he never would have went the way Michael did and Michael and Matthew would still be alive if he had driven and he carried this guilt with him for five years and that is why he had left. Jack told Lily he had been faithful for the five years they had been apart. But unknown to Jack Lily had been pregnant and lost the child without him there to comfort her. Jack told Lily he still loved her and had written her almost every day since he had left. Jack told Lily he had missed her so much and that is why he wrote her yet never sent them. Then Lily’s father had a stroke and had to be moved to a nursing home. There had been a nurse at the nursing home who had been the first to reach out to Lily Peggy the nurse let Lily sob in her arms. Peggy and Lily now knew each other for four years. Lily’s father no longer recognized her or talks to her but but she still goes to see her dad and talk to him. Jack was different than his twin Michael Michael had followed in their father’s footstep, married his HS sweetheart and had a son. Now they were both gone. After Julia- Michael’s wife- had left town and so did Jack. But now Jack was back and Lily had spent a night with Jack but Lily was determined that would be it.

I absolutely loved this story it was great. My heart broke for Lily and all she had went through and lost in the last five years. Jack had been gone but I was so glad that Jack left the box so Lily could read the letters he had written. Also how he had worked to pay for Lily’s dad’s nursing home stay helping Lily financially even if she didn’t know and thought it was her uncle paying the bill until Peggy told her different after Jack was back. I choked up big time over this story . Lily loved Jack although she didn’t trust him  but she understood after she had read the letters There is so much  I can’t say without giving away even more of the story that made it so great. I loved the plot, the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.