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Rage and Ruin (Tales from the Otherside) - Katie Roman

Bridgett was a witch who wasn’t very tall or weigh all that much buy she still had no problem getting her point across. Bridget. Bridget owned a bar with David. Samantha was Bridget’s friend and told the recent visitors they were not interested in the John Anker’s memorial.  Samantha mentioned she worked at the Bureau of Supernatural Beings (BSB) and Anklers followers and the BSB weren’t on very good terms with each other. BSB had nothing to do with Ankers idea of legalizing demon magic and necromancy. A few months ago they were the victims of vampire violence and when one of the vampires ended up the BSB and Samantha and Bridget became popular. They were never more united as when hating on each other Ankers followers and the non Ankers followers. Samantha was popular because it was her blood that did the vampire in and Bridget because she had cooked up the potion that poisoned the vampire. Anker’s followers gave witches a bad name. Besides nicotine and occasionally a joint tv was Bridget’s drug. Demon magic and necromancy was dangerous and unpredictable especially demon magic. There were five legal necromancers in Chicago and they all worked for the BSB. They reanimated murder victims in order to find their killers and sent wayward spirits back to the veil. In addition there were ten legal demon summoners who were employed by the BSB as well. The thought of these people sent shivers down Bridget’s spine. All supernaturals had suffered annoyances over the past five years but they lived in peace together. Bridget’s mother -Margaret never called Bridget unless something big was about to happen.She wanted Bridget to go get her cousin Georgia and bring her back to Margaret as Georgia was in trouble. She was at an office signing up to join Ankers little pro demon group. Bridget needed a ride to get to Georgia.

I don’t feel this story reached its full potential. It started out good but then I just couldn’t seem to stay connected to the story. I tried to finish this story and just couldn’t stay interested in it. I am sure someone else will really enjoy this story it just wasn’t for me.