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The Cockney Girl - Gilda O'Neill

Rose was delivered a letter from the postman Jack.  Appearance was important to Rose.. She didn’t have much but she liked to keep herself respectable. Jess was Rose’s daughter and Jack was in love with her and Jessie also cared for him. Jack couldn’t seem to be himself around Jess he couldn’t seem to talk to her like a man but got all tongue tied or just stayed quiet, Jess believed she couldn’t find a way to talk to guys. Jess was one of the new East End girls that that had the opportunity and took it to get a decent education. Jess’s father had been in the merchant navy since before Jess was born. When he was on a trip Jess sleep with her mom in the bed instead of sleeping in the parlor. Jess was going to stay home instead of going to her weekly social dance to save money to go to pay a deposit on the key when the go to Kent to go hop picking. Rose is worried that going away will not be good for the slow moving romance between Jess and Jack. But this gives Rose and her family an escape from East London.

I could get into this story maybe it was reading the type of English language being used in  this story just got to me.It made it hard to enjoy. I am sure there are many who will enjoy this story.