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Good Story and Characters

When You Wish - Alexandra Ivy

The Christmas Wish: Solomon Cresswell was trying to right the wrong he did to his girls. He was a jewel thief. Sarah is the oldest and taken care of her two younger sisters since her mother had died. Sarah had opened a school for children who had it rough . Sarah  meets Lord Oliver Chance when his brother had come to him and told him the Chance Jewels had  been stolen, then Oliver went to Sarah  as he had been told Sarah is the one to help retrieve the jewels. Sarah and Oliver are attracted to each other and neither can ignore it and they don’t know what to do.

The Valentine Wish: Emma is the middle sister and only seeks a calm life with a calm family to work for. She never wants to see her father - Solomon- again. Emma thinks she has a chance being the companion of Lady Hartshorne who has a nephew Lord Hartshorne then Emma meets Lord Hartshorne who is determined to find out what Emma is running from. Lord Hartshorne is spending a lot of time with Emma and is finding it hard to fulfill his duty as was Emma.

The Wedding wish: Rachel is the youngest sister and also the most like her father. Rachel meets Mr. Anthony Clarke at the Opera. Then Lady Boswell decides to put Rachel in her place in public. All Rachel wants is revenge and follows the Boswells to Surrey. Anthony follows Rachel. Solomon goes with Rachel as her uncle. Anthony and Rachel spend more and more time together. Rachel is different from her two older sisters and loves her father deeply and doesn’t want to marry. But she does want Anthony. Then Anthony and Rachel find a handicapped young girl hidden in the Boswell's Dover house.

I enjoyed these three stories of the sisters who all took the scandal put on them and did the best they could to find happiness in their world. All three women felt they would never have love but in each case the sisters find someone for themselves. All the stories were interesting and very enjoyable and I had no problem with my attention fading in anyway. I liked all the characters and the ins and outs of all three stories and I recommend.