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Colorado Dream (The Front Range Series) (Volume 4) - Charlene Whitman

Angela had been slapped again by her father Giusepe Bellini when she said she would not marry Pietro no matter how rich his family was. No matter how long her father and his father had planned the wedding. Angela’s father said she would marry Pietro that she was twenty and that was their way. Angela would be gone ten maybe twelve days and she knew the punishment waiting for her on her return. Angela got the money she had saved and hoped it was enough for the violin she wanted to buy. She had to face the audition committee with the violin on her return to N.Y.. The director had told Angela to come back when she had a appropriate instrument. Every Christmas Angela had asked her father to purchase a new violin for her but he didn’t. Angela’s dream was to play in the New York Philharmonic to play on the stage before a live audience. Her aunt had given her  the violin she had that had ignited the dream in her heart.  Brett was a cowboy and had been at a cowboy contest and had some money from that and it would keep him going until he ended up in another cow-punch outfit. Brett felt his lot in life was always to be on the move, never staying long in one place . trouble seemed to find Brett wherever he went.

I could not get into this story it just didn’t hold my interest. I didn't even complete the story just could not force myself to when there are so many books to read. As I simply found this boring. I thought it started out good but in the end I just didn’t enjoy it enough to keep going