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Good Story and Characters

To the Edge - Anna del Mar

Clara and Noah were young  and in love and spent the summer being together as much as they could but then Noah left without goodbye and broke Clara’s heart but she never forgot him. Fifteen years later Noah was an ex Navy seal and suffers from PTSD and agoraphobia. He moved back to the town where he and Clara had lived. Noah’s PTSD makes him stay in his house but Noah still works with  Special Ops and his team just from the house.  Noah is now involved with taking down a terrorist that had been elusive so far.Clare writes a blog called Sextattle.Com it is about sexual advice. . Clara has a chance to research the world of BDSM for an article for her blog. Clara was a senator’s daughter and a sperm donor baby and her mother was a single mother. Clara’s mother is cruel and makes Clara feel like she is nothing but one big disappointment no matter how hard she tries. Clara runs her mother’s charitable organization that funds many of the programs Clara herself really believes in. Then Noah sees smoke coming from Clara’s old house and goes to see what is going on. There he finds Clara handcuffed inside a cage with a gag in her mouth and he frees her. The man Clara had contacted to teach her  about the BDSM lifestyle had left and left Clara in the cage with no way to get out.  Noah never forgot Clara. Noah was to leave after the summer to join the Naval Academy if if he got a letter of recommendation. Clara’s mom was a senator and wrote the letter for Brett so he left for the Academy. But when Noah wrote Clara a letter her mother interceded it and made sure Clara never seen the letter. Noah had taken  a remedy so he could leave his house but it made him very sick afterwards. Noah tells Clara he is an experienced Dom and will teach her what she needs to know. He also clears up why he left without goodbye.

I enjoyed this story for the most part. I loved how Noah immediately took the remedy to go  check out Clara’s old house and then ended saving Clara even though it made him very sick afterwards. But I don’t think Noah was a good or at least very experienced Dom at least not in the right way from what I have read about this world. He pushed Clara way too much especially with her being  new to the whole idea of BDSM. He didn’t listen to her at least as far as I was concerned. But this was a good read and very hot and erotic. I liked the author brought up about PTSD and that these people are still heroic and brave even if they have this from their experiences especially defending our country. Also how bad it can be for some people. But i did really like the characters and the ins and  outs of this story a lot and I recommend.