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Good Story and Characters

Pursuing the Bear  (Shifter Wars Series, Book 2) - Kerry Adrienne

Bria was in a tent at Deep Creek National Park. Bria had a gun at her waist but it was more for mental security than anything. Coming back to Deep Creek is the biggest mistake of Bria's life.If Bria failed her career would be over she would be the laughing stock of the college and her peers. If she didn’t discover what she came for she had to discover something. Even worse her parents would be devastated if she made no impact on the academia. It seemed like all her parents cared about. Bria couldn’t take any more of her parents disdain and disappointment . Dr Robert Dane had been Bria’s boyfriend until he stole her research and published as his own. Then a man came upon bria’s campsite He was looking for dead wood that he repurposed into furniture. He said he name was Derek Poole and he was also an off duty ranger. For some reason Derek felt familiar to Bria. she couldn’t let him or anyone interfere with her work as she had too much invested. Bria was a ursinologist which was someone who studies bears. This park ranger was hot and Bria was attracted to him but she came here to work. Derek was a planner and took things slowly that ways he had time to make decisions based on logic and details and not pure emotion. The Cave Of whispers had to be protected as Derek and all the bear shifters knew. Yet Derek was compelled to be near Bria and he was definitely attracted to Bria.  Most any other campers wouldn’t have gotten more than a warning or maybe a ticket .  Bria knew bear shifters existed she had seen a man and his child shift once when Bria was a child right here in this park. Derek figures out Bria is his mate. There is a war coming from the mountain lions as the lions wanted the bear territory for their own and wanted to claim it through war.

I liked this story. It was annoying though to keep being reminded that Bria must do something spectacular as she thought maybe then her parents would love her. I felt the ending was a little rushed also. But i did like Bria and Derek as a couple. I did like the struggle between  Derek and his bear that isn’t usually shown that much in shifter stories. I liked the characters a lot as well as the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.