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Balance - Janelle Stalder

Vivian/ Viv is a H S graduate and wanted to be a prosecutor. Viv got the chance of a  lifetime to intern with a great defense attorney Dermont Banks before she starts law school. Dermont Banks has a reputation for representing the worst of offenders.  Also the Banks sons are there and they are hot. The Banks family has a big secret and Viv doesn’t know it. Then Viv develops feelings for silent Caleb which will change her life forever. Caleb is not used to feeling thing things as he is quiet, unfriendly, and cold except for his mother who he loves deeply and understands why his mom feels as she does.But Caleb and Viv are deeply attracted to each other but Viv doesn’t want to jeopardize her internship by having a relationship with Caleb. Caleb does change as he develops feelings for Viv and he gets very protective of Viv. Everyone in Caleb’s family especially Dermont are against Caleb's and Viv's relationship. Caleb is a fallen angel. Viv also  doesn’t know  that she is the subject of an prophesy for her association with Caleb who is the son of the devil and this will bring about the end of the world. Every few centuries a woman is born to be the devil’s mate and is the only one who can have his children. Being close to the devil brings a long life and eventually insanity. A secret society does watch the devil .

I have mixed feelings about this story. Some things I like about the story and some I don’t really care for. First of all I HATE I will repeat that I HATE cliffhangers. So that didn’t help how I felt about this story. I was pulled into the story from the start and stayed there until the end of this story. I thought Viv and Caleb were a great couple considering once Caleb starting responding to Viv. I was definitely scared of Dermont. The plot was great but I felt Viv and Caleb fell in love/ lust to fast especially for someone who basically didn’t have feelings- except for his mom of course. Pacing of the story was good. But at times did feel this was a little rushed. This did remind me of twilight but that was ok because i loved the whole Twilight series. So that wasn’t a big problem. So as you can see there were something I did like and others not so much especially that cliffhanger. I hated that as already mentioned.