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The Blood Key (The Wander Series Book 1) - Vaun Murphrey, Nathalia Suellen, Esther Doucet, Sam Norman

Zane/Z is freed from an asylum that she had been in since she was in there for three years Z had been falsely imprisoned for the murder of her brother who had gone missing. There were secrets and lies at home. Z comes home from the institution with Izzy who was a employee at the asylum but had become Z’s friend. Strange things started happening as Z and Izzy try to find out what really happened to Z’s brother and about Z herself. Z’s stepmother gave Z her childhood home with the stipulation that she never see   Z again. On her way home Z interrupts a robbery and to one of her brother Christopher’s friends Dominic. Z and Dominic start spending time together.

I kinda liked this story but wasn’t really impressed  by it though I did finish it. I had mixed feelings about this story. I would have liked more background on Z’s abilities and her background. Z’s dad really irritated me. Some things weren’t as clear as I thought they should be. I also got confused a lot about what was going on. I also would have liked to know more about the alien worlds. There was a lot of drama and action. It was fast paced with a lot of twists and turns that I did like. This was a quick read and at times made me laugh. Still all and all I was disappointed.