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Good Story and Characters

The Darkness of Evil - Alan Jacobson

Jasmine turned her father in when she found out he was a serial killer. Now her father - Roscoe Lee Marck had escaped from prison and is on the run leaving dead bodies behind him. FBI profiler Karen Vail has been assigned to the team to recapture Roscoe. Jasmine had to cancel her book tour for the non fiction  book she had wrote detailing her life with Roscoe the  serial killer and almost immediately receives threats. Her testimony had helped put Roscoe in prison with a life sentence and no chance of getting parole. Roscoe is a dangerous killer and a brilliant psychopath who seems to know a lot about law enforcement. Karen had given Jasmine protection before but it failed so this time no one know where Jasmine is and she uses burner phones. Jasmine gives Karen a blank piece of paper that Roscoe had mailed from prison. Karen finds out that the paper has a menacing message for Jasmine. Roscoe has been in maximum security for the last seven years Roscoe is a sadistic serial killer. Karen tried  tried to keep in contact with Roscoe while he was in prison.

I thought this was an excellent read. I won’t say I love it as I don’t love the violence but that’s the way this had to be written. In fact it seemed very realistic to me. This had a great plot. This story grabbed me from the start and kept me there until the very last page of this book. I really didn’t want to put it down unless I absolutely had to. I enjoyed seeing the soft side as well as the tough side of Karen who was the profiler. There was a lot of violence but this was about a serial killer. I enjoyed how there was focus on the profiling and getting into the mind of a killer. Every now and again this dragged a little but not enough  harm to say so.There were several twists and turns and I love the characters and I highly recommend.