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Great Story and Characters

The Fourteen Day Soul Detox: The Complete Serial - Rita Stradling

Jamie woke up with Sarah who was eight in her bed curled up next to her. It was Jamie’s birthday and she would just as soon go back to sleep. Cameron had slept on her coach last night. Cameron babysat Sarah a lot. Patrick was a handsome man and came up to say hi to Jamie and asked if his daughter Kay could have a play date with Sarah. Sarah was a special needs child as she had autism and she was in a special needs class half the day after lunch she had the same class as Kay. At night Jamie worked at her father’s bar that was why Cameron babysat so much. As Patrick and Jamie were walking a woman called out to Patrick and it was Whitney who was talking to Patrick and angering Jamie about the services she “demanded” for special needs children. Jamie told Whitney her husband had died a year ago to stop gossip and Cameron had been her husband Logan’s best friend. Jamie was meeting her sister for lunch then she seen her mother was there and wanted to walk back out. Jamie hadn’t talked to her mother in nine months. Six years ago Logan and Jamie had bought the Coffee Spot’s building. Chris was her baker and a friend and he felt that she should take the offer she had got and sell the Coffee Spot. Chris knew the Coffee Spot had been Logan’s dream. Not Jamie’s. At one time Jamie was in a pop group called Cherry Pie  and they had even made a CD. Chris got a copy of the CD and gave it to Jamie for her birthday. Janie had two very good friends that were a couple Susan and Beser. Susan was Logan’s twin. Susan and Jamie made up a fourteen day soul detox list for Jamie when Susan spent the night with Jamie. Things seemed to be escalating with  her neighbor Clarke and Jamie was getting really scared. Jamie found out Patrick’s father is the person who sued her a couple days after Logan had died. He had basically won and taken everything and the shop had a big lean on it that would take Jamie a long time to pay off if she didn’t sell. Jamie barely paid herself above minimum wage  to manage the shop. Jamie told Patrick Sr. that she would never sell the shop to him and then she went in and told Patrick off also. Then Amy came and spent the night and then decided to make a video to get out the news the elementary school let a special needs teacher go for a full time dance teacher. Then there was an incident with Clarke. Jamie and Sarah have moved in with Cameron and Jamie decided to go ahead and sell the shop and would work for Patrick for one year. Jamie also apologized to Patrick for starting on him and they were working again on being friends.

I was so happy to read this whole serial as I had already read the first part through NetGalley when it was available but now I had the whole story I could read and I loved   it!!!. My heart went out to Jamie with all she has had to endure. But then she decided to work on her life and had the fourteen day soul detox list and was doing her best to follow each step every day. She took this list seriously and grew a lot in this story as she completed day by day her list. I also felt bad what Clarke was putting her and then Cameron through too. This was realistic as far as I am concerned. I loved the plot but there was more than one thing going on in this story yet everything flowed and there was no confusion. I loved Cameron and Jamie as a couple but I felt bad when he seen her list and was hurt and angry. I also loved how the author showed a lot about autism and how an autistic child can act. I tip my hat to the author. I really can’t think of anything I didn’t like about this complete story. It was funny at times and heartbreaking at others and it felt like I was there with Cameron and Jamie. I liked that memories showed that had happened to Jamie and what she had went through I loved Cameron as the man he was and how he was there for Jamie and Sarah, This was just an excellent read. I loved the characters and the twists and turns of this story and I highly recommend.