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Great Story and Characters

Between a Wolf and a Hard Place (Silver Town Wolf) - Terry Spear

Ellie told one of her triplet sisters Laurel that she thought something was wrong with her. Ellie and her sisters owned a Victorian inn Ellie could see and communicate with ghosts. Her other triplet sister was Meghan. Ellie and her sisters were werewolf shifters. Her sister Meghan had made sure the wolf door in the cellar of the inn worked. The inn had a ghost named Chrissy she had been a maid who had died at the inn. Ellie couldn’t seem to reach her and that was why she thought something was wrong with her. Laurel was the oldest and always in charge. Meghan had a heightened ability to locate ghosts like Ellie did. They all lived in Silver Town which was wolf ran. Ellie always wanted to help spirits find their resting place. The inn was booked solid for several months coming up. The first time Ellie saw a ghost she was five. Then a new ghost was at the inn she was Matilda  Ellie was dating Brett and it was his great aunt Matilda at the inn. Ellie decided to try to connect with Matilda on her own. Brett had brought his family’s grand piano to the inn and Matilda had been the owner as well as taught piano. Ellie then decided that Matilda had not died naturally as was believed. Rhett and Ellie had erotic dreams about each other they decided to see if they had dream mated that had happened to a couple wolves before. Brett had jokingly suggested that she date other wolves to see if Brett was her mate or if she could dream about other wolves and that is what Ellie did and Brett didn’t like it at all even thought it was his fault.

I loved this story. I loved how close the sisters were and how close Brett and his brothers as well as cousins were.  I loved everything about this story. It kept me interested from the first page until the last page. It had different aspects of the paranormal with the wolf shifters as well as ghosts and I loved that. Plus this was a bit of a mystery aspect to it also and that was great. This is one of my new favorites. I loved all the characters and all the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.