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Great Story and Characters

Pillowtalk - Cassie Mae

Kennedy was now on a train and she had been traveling for three days. Kennedy was heading to Lyra Valley. Jared had been to Kennedy but was fully against marriage to anyone . Then he felt it would be wrong to marry Kennedy when he was closer to death than life. Kennedy had held onto Jared’s ashes for more than a year. A stranger passed by and Kennedy accidentally elbowed him. Then he sat behind Kennedy and soon he offered to help Kennedy unknot her hair. The man untangled her hair and introduced himself as Austin. Kennedy was attracted to Austin and didn’t know how to handle her body’s response to him.  Then the man realized Kennedy looked familiar because he had seen her at Jared's funeral. Austin had known Jared since Jr. High. Then Austin told Kennedy he was gay. Kennedy had got lost hiking with some friends and somehow lost her friends Jared had seen her and turned around the day they met. Chelsea was Jared sister and co-owned with her husband Daniel the B & B that Kennedy was staying at. Kennedy had met Chelsea a year ago. Then Austin pulls up to the B & B with a woman -Natalie and kisses her goodbye. Then the man told Kennedy that she was confusing him with his twin brother Austin he was actually Aaron.  Aaron was surprised a complete stranger could make him feel so much with so little contact. Jared and Aaron had been best friends until Lissa. They both had liked her but Jared was more forward then Aaron tried to back off and it didn’t work after H S graduation Aaron and Lissa had sex and Aaron told jared almost right after it happened at first Jared thought it was a joke and then Aaron actually saw Jared fall apart and sob. Aaron had still lost Jared’s friendship and that had been the end of Lissa and Jared. Now Aaron was falling for Kennedy big time and she was Jared’s even though Jared had been dead for a year.

I loved this story and felt  it was a great read. I imagine it would be very hard to let someone go who had died young from cancer and was your first love especially when you are starting to want and care for someone else the first time since his death even though it had already been a year. I loved that Jared’s sister Chelsea was all for Kennedy moving on with her life and finding happiness again . and Aaron also especially since it was with each other.  I felt bad for all the guilt Aaron kept from what happened with him and Lissa and consequently Jared.  Even after meeting Kennedy Aaron tried to stay away from her and act cold. This was an excellent read. I choked up at times which just means this story really touched me and of course that is always great when reading a book. I thought Kennedy and Aaron made a great couple and was cheering for them. I was glad Aaron tried to understand why Kennedy acted the way she did and forgave her when the time came to forgive or not. I loved the plot. I loved the characters and I loved the ups and downs of this story and I highly recommend.