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Great Story and Characters

Saving Mercy (Fatal Truth) - Abbie Roads

Cain could still feel the desperate energy of the dying and almost the echoes of their screams . Cain hated the sight of the blood but here he was standing in another murder house. Mac was also there and he was the senior special agent for the FBI on this case. Mac was Cain’s adopted dad and still acted like even if Cain was thirty and a grown man. Cain hated this but he knew no one else had the history Cain did or could do what Cain could do no one else could give the information Cain could. . Even if he wanted to run he always stayed. Cain’s “ profiles” were more accurate and detailed then a normal profiler could achieve. In most cases his profiles lead the law right to the perpetrator. He was Killer Killian’s Kid- Triple K as the media dubbed him. Cain needed to be around blood and death. He was the spawn of a serial killer and had the predisposition to be a killing machine like his father. One of the ways Cain found to curb the ugly urges was to force himself to be at the murder scenes. The worst part Cain would never say is sometimes he enjoyed himself. The family: parents and daughter had been killed in the house.  The blood sent him back to when he was very much his father’s son back to when blood covered his skin - so wrong yet so soothing at times. Blood was a pleasure and pain to Cain; a gift and a curse. Blood opened a doorway into the minds and bodies of those who found bliss in brutally ending life. Cain became the killer and saw what the killer saw, did what the killer did, and felt what the killer felt. A dull thumping started behind Cain’s eyes that always happened after he saw the images the thumping would end up in a migraine. The look on Max’s face when he asked Cain if he was back reminded Cain of when  Max found him he had been covered in nose mucus, blood and shame. Cain felt he had never been a kid more a monster than anything as far as Cain was concerned . Cain had several scars on his body and they were all put there on his body by his father . But there was a girl and her name was Mercy Ledger who had been age ten when Killian had killed her family had cut her throat also and yet somehow she had survived. Mercy had made a mark on the wall at her home and now that same mark had been on a painting done in blood before he painted over it but Cain had seen it. Mercy had been cut twenty years ago. But Mercy hadn’t made the mark this time she had been locked up in the Center Of Balance And Wellness for the past  few years. Cain had been checking on Mercy for the last twenty years . She had been Killian’s only survivor. The dark days with his father Cain had been forced to work with Killian at the same Center Of Balance And Wellness and had started at the age of five as his father had been the night janitor. While working there Cain had met and got close to a night nurse named Liz and she had been the only person to ever show Cain any kindness at the time. Liz had stayed in Cain’s life and was one of the few people Cain considered a friend and the closest thing he had ever had to a mother. Mercy could now recognize bad intentions every since that night with Killian. Cain went to the  Center to talk to Mercy about the meaning of that symbol and Liz brought mercy out in a wheelchair but Mercy was totally out of it. Liz told Cain he had to take Mercy away from the there before Dr. Payne destroyed her. Cain took mercy to a cabin he rented that no one knew about and he   paid extra for no questions asked. No one knew of this place and could relate it to Cain in any way.

I loved this story as much as you can love this type of story. It was so intense I didn't’ want to put it down and i had no problem with my interest lagging. This had me on the end  of my chair a lot and I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next. I was hooked at the very beginning and stayed that way until the last page had been read. The plot was absolutely stupendous and the book was consuming and I didn’t want to put it down. For Mercy and Cain’s life to be so entwined and truly messed up by the same man was mind boggling. I am also glad Cain when realized Max truly loved him as a son with unconditional love and then to have Mercy. This is definitely one of my new favorites. I don’t want to give anymore of the story away so I will simply say I highly recommend you read this book I don’t believe you will regret it if you are into murder mysteries with a lot of violence type books this is absolutely excellent.