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Good Story and Characters

Halfway Dead - Terry Maggert

Carlie could kill two things in the world: magical creatures and cars. Then Carlie was walking in the creek and smelt roasting meat, when she got close enough Carlie saw a Wendigo then it was walking calmly toward her.Carlie had done a spell on a rock and threw it and it struck the chest of the Wendigo and the spell did it’s work and killed the Wendigo . Then a female Wendigo hit from behind Carlie but Carlie killed her also.  Carlie cooks at the only diner in town called The Hawthorne Diner or just the Diner. Carlie’s familiar was a twenty five pound Maine Coon cat named Gus. Carlie was a witch. Carlie rarely found time to date. Carlie likes knowing Tammy she makes Carlie’s life interesting and easy. Tammy delivered packages and Carlie ordered things. Carlie lives in the town of Halfway. Carlie was a white witch and rid the world of sickness. Carlie can usually rebound from anything in minutes which was one of the reasons why her spells were rarely off. Her grandmother/Gran constantly urged Carlie to strengthen and purify  her magic through embracing things on her charm bracelet as it was like a tiny arsenal of magical power.No witch in Carlie’s family went without a charm bracelet. Carlie’s family seemed to be the quietest practitioners of witchcraft in all of history. They behaved and paid their taxes. Carlie could not remember one instance when  they  been at the head or the tail end of any uprisings. Carlie’s family didn’t like drama. Carlie heard her name called and  it turned out to be her new neighbor Major. Then Major told Carlie he was an investigator of sorts . he looked for a lot of things when they needed to be found.  Major was looking for a group of American Chestnut trees as all other tree of this type had been destroyed  but his grandmother had seen a picture of the trees they were suppose to be. Major was here to find the trees. He heard the trees were at Thendara. This trip was to be strictly a confirmer trip for Major. He wants to take some pictures maybe get a leaf or two and and put the destination into his GPS. He wanted Carlie to help him find the trees. After Major left Carlie rushed to her grandmother’s house. Carlie’s grandmother said there is something that killed at Thendara and it will kill again.  Then another investigator -Jim- comes to Carlie and he asks for the same help but fills in a lot more questions . Jim used to be a cop. Jim and Carlie go into the forest to find the trees and there meet Wulfrie an ancient Viking vampire. Also a ghost had called to Carlie from those same woods.

I liked this book. For the most part it is a good read all though a little tough getting into but once it really caught my attention it had no problem keeping my attention. I love how Carlie adores her Gran . But where did Major go why  even bring him into the story at all? But anyway this had a good plot and ending. I liked the characters a lot and all the ins and outs of the story and I recommend.