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Good Story and Characters

You Can't Always Get the Marquess You Want - Alexandra Hawkins

Mathias was the Marquess of Fairlamb and his hands were  pinned behind his back by an unknown enemy. Oliver was the Earl of Marcroft who had burning hatred in his eyes for Mathias. Mathias was the blame for the situation he was in as it was Mathias who suggested he and his companions stop at the    tavern The Black Goat Tavern. . Also he was the one that sent his friends to their horses as he stayed behind to pay the bill. Mathias had insulted the Earl’s choice of a mistress.Mathias then got punched by Oliver in the face. He had heard stories of Oliver’s father all his life like how he goaded unskilled opponents into duels for amusement. Mathias’s friends and family call him Chance as he usually seemed to have luck on his side. As he did when he bashed the Earl into a wooden post . then the Earl’s helper stepped to Mathias but then his cousin- Lord Kempthorn and his good friend Lord Bastrell were there. Mathias truly despised Marcroft His parents and Marcroft,s parents had some unpleasant history between them that happened before Mathias’s birth, which made the Brent family- Marcroft- his enemy. Marcroft and Mathias had been trading physical and verbal blows since they were boys at their first meeting. Nothing but death would stop Marcroft from meddling in Mathias’s affairs. Mathias could have continued on to London but but stooped home even though he was twenty two Mathias missed his family as he had not seen them in a month. Chance, St. Lyon and his cousin Thorn were skinny dipping when Lady Tempest happened upon them. This is Chance’s first meeting with Tempest as did Tempest’s younger sister but they returned to their chaperone acting as though nothing had happened. Eventually Chance and his friends came around and are introduced. There is an instant attraction between Chance and Tempest and neither Chance nor Tempest knew the other's last name. Then Chance discovers who Tempest is and leaves. Chance is determined to stay away from Tempest but he couldn’t seem to.  Than Tempest ran into Marcroft at home and told to stay away from Chance. But then chance and Tempest find they are running into each other a lot when they didn’t before. Chance and Tempest both begin to question the hatred between their two families. They start to get acquainted with each other and realize the attraction is too strong just to forget. They meet in secret and fall in love. Chance and Tempest marry in secret and are determined to stay that way.

I liked this story, it was funny at times which always helps. Although there were a few things I didn’t  care for. I felt the story ended too soon and rather quickly. Also things didn’t always seem to fit the time period like long hair when at a ball all hair would have been up. But I still wanted to read the story until the end and see how Chance and Tempest worked things out. This had a Romeo and Juliet type theme to it but I still enjoyed. So the plot was familiar but still good as far as I was concerned.I thought it was a great plot twist when it was revealed why the families hated each other and then there was a lot of drama. But all and all this was a good read.I enjoyed the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.