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Snowbound with Mr. Wrong - Barbara White Daille

Lyssa had agreed to help her sister Amber with the Christmas party again . Lyssa had gained some weight and the Elf costume and it was very tight. Lyssa's habit of snacking habit had shot out of control  at the end of the summer after Lyssa had broke up with Nick six months earlier as Nick was obsessed with his job. Amber’s parties were legendary but her Christmas gathering for the kids of Snowflake Valley topped them all. Then Lyssa realizes Nick is playing Santa again this year the one person she never wanted to see again as he broke her heart. Nick wasn’t over Lyssa either as no one could take her place. Then a blizzard is forecast and everyone hurries down the mountain then there was only Nick, Lyssa, Molly, Tommy, and Brent. Nick tries to drive down the mountain but a tree falls and they can't go anywhere but back to the lodge until that tree was moved. Nick also got hurt. They made it back to lodge and had everything they needed except there was no phone service.

I had mixed feelings about his story.It did hold my attention for the most part. I also chuckled at times while reading this. The plot was good. I just didn’t really care for Nick and wondered why Lyssa had cared so much. It was also annoying how many times Nick referred to his job as a troubleshooter. But the kids definitely added if not stole a lot of the story as far as I am concerned.  Although Lyssa was a good character also and I do know there were good things about Nick. I just didn’t connect with Lyssa and Nick having this great love between them and they definitely needed to communicate better.