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Good Story and Characters

Mystic Horseman (Center Point Platinum Romance (Large Print)) by Kathleen Eagle (2008-04-01) - Kathleen Eagle

Dylan Black was trying to make an  ongoing program where horses are used to give children new experiencescalled Mystic Warrior Horse Camp. Dylan works with his seventeen year old daughter Emily who is in college and also trying to bond with his sixteen year old music prodigy son D J. Dylan is a Lakota Indian and a rancher. Emily adored Dylan Dylan wants to be with his children needed but also be true to himself. Monica is Dylan’s ex and the kids mom and has cancer and trying to keep it hidden the best she can. Dylan lost everything he cared about Dylan agrees to a reality show to pay for the youth horse camp that would be for local reservation kids. Ella is the producer of the show and Monica is the shows host. The reality show is about community projects get a makeover.

I enjoyed this story a lot. It held my interest all the way through this story right from the start. I wanted Dylan to have that camp and for it to be successful for himself and his family but most of all for the reservation kids to get a taste of their lost culture. I loved learning a little about the Lakota tribe but didn’t love hearing about the struggles this particular branch of Native American had. I was so proud with what Dylan wanted to do. I congratulate the author for bring this to our attention through her story. At times this story was a little confusing but I got through it and still enjoyed the story a lot. I did think Dylan came on to Ella way to fast even if they had met briefly before. One thing I have to say quit smoking Monica I did wasn’t easy but it can be done especially in her case. Yes this was like I was there with Dylan and the rest of the characters. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.