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Good Story and Characters

Follow Me Down - Sherri Smith

Mia received a call from Police Chief Pruden from her home town of Wayoata and he said he was calling about her brother Lucas and had she heard from him. Mia had thought he was calling about her mother Mimi who was in a care center. The Chief Pruden said he couldn’t find her brother Lucas. Then Chief Pruden wanted to know when she could get there. She got a suitcase and hopped on the  soonest flight she could get. But she still had a three hour drive from the nearest airport to Wayoata. Mia had tried to call her brother twenty times after the Chief had contacted her but no one answered his phone. The news in the local newspaper said local schoolteacher person of interest in student’s murder.and the date was that very day. The sixteen year old student was found dead after missing for three weeks. Mia’s brother Lucas had lived with Mia in Chicago for awhile trying to be a model or acting but he had given up after only eight months and then returned to his hometown and became a teacher. Mia was a pharmacist . here brother coached hockey. There had been a young officer when Chief Pruden had questioned Mia but she hadn’t recognized Garrett. They were  the last member s of a computer club in middle school. Garrett was a year behind Mia in school.  They had kissed once but the next year Mia went on to H S and had forgotten Garrett. Mia was let into Lucas's apartment and then found his spare key to use. Mia looked through Lucas’s apartment. The only thing missing was Lucas as far as Mia could tell. Mia called Lucas’s best friend since Little League- Wyatt but he didn’t answer his phone so Mia went to where his parents had lived and found Wyatt and his family now lived there. Wyatt said he and Lucas had drifted apart as he had a family and couldn’t act like a single man with  Lucas anymore. Mimi( Miranda) lived in a group home called Lighthouse For Women. Mimi had gotten into a car accident when Lucas and Mia- who are twins- she was in a coma for two weeks when Mimi came to she had a spotted memory  and the mind of a nine year old. Mia was a pill popper she had stopped but still had not flushed her stash. But it had been two years since Mia really used the pills regularly but here and there she had taken a pill. Mia took one that day just to help a little. Mia knew she  had to find her brother. He had to tell the Chief what had happened and prove his innocence.  

I read this story but struggled at times to keep reading it as the story dragged for me and I had a problem with staying interested but I really did want to know what had happened so I kept going and was glad I did. It turned out to be well worth it. I wanted to know if Lucas was innocent and what had really happened to the teenage girl if Lucas hadn’t hurt her. Soon I couldn’t let go of the story. I felt this was a little far fetched but it is fiction but definitely was a good mystery and didn’t turn out to be like I though which was good as well as very entertaining. The plot was very good and I liked the twists and turns of this story and I recommend.