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Great Story and Characters

Taming the Pack Boxed Set - Wendy Sparrow

Past My Defenses- Dane was a park ranger and driving home and found an abandoned car. The car was in the ditch with the door open . Vanessa was deathly allergic to cats as well as  a lot of other things. Vanessa was a werewolf and her Alpha was Jordan. A year ago Dane had proposed to Kayle and she had said no. Vanessa came to in human form and realized Dane was her mate. Dane thought he had captured a wolf but the next morning he found a naked woman in the cage begging him to lose the cat. Dane gave Vanessa two allergy pills from his first aid kit then he  had Vanessa go up to his room to sleep and hopefully recuperate. Vanessa went to Dane’s room and went to sleep like he told her to do. He slept next to her but on top of the covers. Dane was a human but also Vanessa’s mate and they had scent mated.

This Weakness for You- Jordan was the only Lycan among his his siblings that was a werewolf. He was the  youngest of his family but also the Alpha of his pack.  Jordan was also the most successful of the siblings in his family. Two years ago there had been deaths in protecting  a female of his pack and he knew he would have to  answer for his  part eventually. His siblings envy and Jordan’s pride had poisoned the relationship between him and his siblings. There had been a forum with member called Bo Peep looking for Jordan. Then Jordan told his brother Garrett to tell Bo Peep  he could arrange a meeting . the forum was invitation only.  Garrett would bait a trap for Jordan. Vanessa had a baby boy and Dane’s sister Christa who had M S  was there to see her new nephew.  Then Jordan was going in to see the boy and ended up scent matched to Christa and she didn’t have a clue what was going on. Travis used to be in Jordan’s pack and his second but then left to start his own pack and the single men left and followed Travis which was fine with Jordan. But then Travis called one of his pack members was murdered had asked for Jordan’s help.Jordan wanted to stay with Christi but didn’t want the problem to kill off Travis's pack then come after him and his pack. Especially as Jordan felt the killer may have been looking for him. All he wanted was to track the killer and return home to Christi.

Crazy Over You- Travis and his pack had helped remove the threat of poachers that had been hanging over the Lycan community for nearly twelve years. He had lost some pack members - including Ross who had started the poachers on his old pack. Then Ross’s sister had pinned Travis with a knife to his throat wanting to know where her brother was. Travis was exhausted from the fight with the poachers . Travis then realized he had scent mated with Leann who was Ross’s half sister. Leann swore Ross had been outside of Travis’s house today. Then Travis asked Leann if she knew she was a Lycan and she said she wasn’t a Lycan and her brother Ross wasn’t dead. . Leann had  shad learned you couldn’t trust anyone  but yourself and she would find Ross herself. She hadn’t spent much time with Ross since the visit two years ago. But Ross had taught her how to track and had beaten the tar out of her ex when he had shown up and tried to  hurt Leann. Leann felt like she didn’t deserve nice things like belonging and love that was for people who hadn’t done what she had. Leann felt it was time to really go over Ross's place and try to find any clues that might help her find him as Leann made a living finding things people had hidden. Leann tried to leave but somehow kept ending up with Travis. Yet she firmly believed she wasn’t a Lycan but Travis was one splendid male and she  did want him. But she couldn’t be the Alpha female to his pack. She needed to find her brother and leave.

I loved this whole series and how one story went right with the next one. All three stories were great. I can’t say I really have a favorite story. They all had some humor some more than others but that was okay it was as it should be. Some made me sad as though i knew the people especially Leann. I was happy how all three stories ended and loved the plots. They were all easy to read and kept my interest from beginning to end.  I loved all the different characters and all the ins and out and I highly recommend.