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Pretend Princess (Cordillera Royals Book 1) - Carolyn Rae

Patricia/ Tricia was at the opera house in the small country of Cordillera. Someone touched her arm and called her Alyssa and she found out it was prince Lawrence thinking she was his cousin Alyssa. Then Tricia apologized and said she was not Alyssa. Tricia taught at the university . Lawrence’s father had die d when he was a child so Lawrence’s uncle was king but someday Lawrence would be. Tricia thought Prince Lawrence was too sexy for his own good. Tricia was in charge of her two younger sisters- Cindy- who was and Becky who was fourteen- while her parents were away. Then one of the Prince’s aides came and told Tricia the Prince has offered her and her sisters  a ride to their home with him.  Tricia was a graduate student at the University Of Texas and taught there while she worked on her on her doctorate . she had come to Cordelia to visit her family. Her parents were missionaries. The Prince told Tricia she fascinated him. The Prince came the next day to invite Tricia and her sisters to tea and the   girls wanted to see the palace. Then the Prince asked Tricia would she pose as his cousin and help entertain a visiting ambassador the next night. Then it turned out as  the Prince explained to Tricia that his cousin Alyssa had disappeared and they didn’t know why. She was asked by the King to keep this information to herself Then the prince also said he would have a trusted staff member teach her how to be around royalty as they wanted Tricia to pretend to be Alyssa. Prince Lawrence came to Tricia to tell her about the man who was stalking his cousin. Tricia was to claim to have laryngitis so she didn’t have to speak much so her accent wouldn’t be a problem. Tricia was attracted to the prince but knew to pull herself back as this would never be allowed as he was a royal and future king.

I really couldn’t get into this story.I understood why they wanted Tricia  to act as Princess Alyssa but it just wouldn’t work as far as I am concerned. Also it was still lying and lies usually come back to bite you in the butt. But then again I don't know a whole lot about politics especially involving royals but this didn’t keep my attention and I didn’t enjoy it  that much. I am sure there are a lot people who really will enjoy this story just wasn’t for me.