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Good Story and Characters

The Spinster and the Rake - Anne Stuart

Gillian/Gilly is a spinster and spends much of her time babysitting for her brother or sister  and going between their homes.  One day she was on the way to her brothers and she had an accident and was saved by a rake -Roman Marlowe. Roman is entertained by Gilly whom he thought was some sort of servant. Then he finds out she is the sister of an old enemy. Roman is the Marquise of Herrington and had been away for twenty years. But his past sins were forgiven now with his title. He had left England in scandal as he had tried to run off with Gilly’s sister in law twenty years ago. So then Roman is bet by Vivian he cannot seduce Gilly and Roman accepts the bet. Marlowe is not as he seems, he is actually nice and not hard to like. Gilly falls for Marlowe and Marlowe for her but he cannot offer her marriage. Roman thought he was married all along.

I  liked this story a lot but did have some confusion on the writing but got through it. I enjoyed the play between Roman and Gilly. I liked how he treated her also. Sometimes I even had to go back and reread to figure out who was talking or POV or doing the thinking but I still wanted to finish this story so I did. It did hold my attention so that helped with the little annoyances I found. This had a good plot and was just a good read for the most part. I love the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.