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Great Story and Characters

Wicked Rivals (The League of Rogues) - Lauren Smith, Noah Chinn

Ashton Lennox knew what he was asking the banker was daring and quite possibly illegal but retaliation was required against certain players in his field of business. Ashton wanted Mr Reed - the banker - to deny Lady Melbourne gold credit if she should come seeking a loan. At thirty three Ashton had learned how to make men do his bidding with a cool stare. Those who crossed or dared to go against his wishes often suffered a blow to their financial positions. Lady Rosalind Melbourne who was owner of Melbourne, Shelby and Company , she spent several months stealing bids or shipping lines and purchasing other companies by underbidding Ashton. Lady Rosalind was a menace as far as Ashton was concerned. Ashton offered to buy out her shares. Lady Rosalind outflanked and outmaneuvered Ashton at every turn. Rosalind also pushed Ashton out of his control. Control was Ashton's foremost weapon and his first line of defense. Ashton had visited five banks this morning and had promises none of them would give Lady Melbourne credit.Then when Ashton’s friends called in their notes at each bank Lady Melbourne wouldn’t have the means to pay for their notes in gold it would at least crush Rosalind temporarily.  The Berkeley’s club was the only place Ashton and his closest friends - The League Of Rogues- could settle in comfortably away from the scandalous papers and gossip of The Lady Society. Over the years some of the activities of The league Of Rogues  had been ruthless, callous and even dangerous. But things were changing. The rogues one by one were falling in love and settling down. As Ashton was the oldest member of the group he felt obligated to be the League's protector. Soon the men would be sending in notes to be cashed in gold. Lady Melbourne would pay for embarrassing Ashton at the theater. He would not send her to debtors prison . the woman would get her fortune back in time once he learned what secrets Hugo held within Lady Rosalind  business. Lady Melbourne had married Henry after she ran from home barefoot after another beating from her father and he took care of Rosalind and married her a year later Henry died in his sleep. Now Rosalind was mistress of her own destiny. Henry had tutored her in the ways of business strategies and banking and Rosalind always had a natural knack for it. Henry’s companies had become her empire and would remains hers unless she married again. But Ashton had gotten her debt and called it in. Lady Melbourne returned home after visiting the bank and readied herself and went to Ashton’s estate where his mother and sisters and friends were.

I loved this story.There was a lot to this story but it was very enjoyable. This story goes at a steady pace I loved the plot. A woman owning her own companies and being successful in a very much man's world was totally awesome. I loved it. Lady Melbourne so determined to stay her own woman and loved the businesses she was head of. Rosalind and  Ashton were a lot alike at least I thought so. I loved this story and how it ended. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend