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Good Story and Characters

Cowboy Karma (Cowboy Cocktail Book 4) - Mia Hopkins

Harmony’s boyfriend - frank dumps her at her birthday dinner and they had been together for one year and Harmony thought all was perfect between her and Frank. Harmony was a medical surgical nurse and Frank a doctor. Harmony decided to go back home and went out with her sister to the bar the Silver Spur and somehow ended up dancing with this cowboy. Harmony doesn’t recognize Lucky but he had a long time crush on Harmony. Harmony has a one night stand with Lucky. Lucky is a rodeo calf roper but also works up to three jobs. Lucky believes in family and is helping his mother put his siblings through college. Lucky wants more than one night with Harmony but he has to leave her because of commitments. Lucky also feels he is not worthy of Harmony. Lucky - Lucero Garcia knew Harmony from H S. Lucky hopes to be in the World Rodeo Championship. Nobody seems to get Harmony like Lucky does.

I enjoyed this story a lot. I liked Harmony and felt bad for what Frank did to her on her birthday but a lot of men are just butts in fiction and in real life. But then lucky was a better man anyway as far as I am concerned. Then seeing Lucky at the Silver Spur and he  wasn’t a boy anymore that was for sure. I really enjoyed how Lucky treated Harmony and hotness of their time together. This had a great plot and a great ending. This was a quick read but had everything it needed. I had no problem reading this as it held my interest all the way through the story. I liked the characters  a lot as well as the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.