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Good Story and Characters

Christmas Angels: A Novella - Viola Shipman

Kate is a seasonal set decorator struggling to find her own Christmas spirit while designing Christmas scenes and decorations for others.Kate is known as the queen of holiday perfection because of her successful decorating company. Kate has been called the Christmas Angel.  Kate isn’t looking forward to the holiday nor is Chad Cooper who is a widower and has a young son Coop who was seven years old. Kate was sad as her her ex boyfriend Tyler broke up with her. Kate didn’t believe in angels anymore. Widower and single dad Chad lost his wife Ella from cancer last year just before Christmas. Everyone was worried about Chad so his company hired Kate to decorate Chad’s house as a surprise.then coop, chad and Kate start to spend time together.

Absolutely loved this story. It was a novella and I  would have liked more but this did have what it needed in it. This was a quick and easy read with a great plot. There was a lot of detail in so short a story even though I did want more as I have already said. This had a lot of hope in it. I loved the characters and the  ins and outs of this story. I recommend. I wish I could rate it a 4.5.