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Deepest Desires of a Wicked Duke - Sharon Page

Portia is a spinster.when Portia was younger Portia and The Duke Of Sinclair/Sin were in love and planning to marry. Buts in’s past got in the way and the wedding was called off. Ten years have gone by and Portia has dedicated her life to saving abused kids and brings the kids to a foundling home her family run. Sin has thrown himself into sex  of all kinds including orgies as he has a sex addiction. Sin even throws orgies that are  known to be the best orgies in London. But neither Portia nor Sin has forgotten or got over each other. Portia receives a message a girl needs help and is kidnapped. Sin gets a message Portia has been taken to Serenity Island and Sin must attend the orgy  there if he wants to save Portia. Sin is told a boat is waiting to take him to the island. On the island Sin finds a lot of people he has been involved with over the years. Then he finds Portia in the bedroom assigned to him. All the guest and a few of the servants have received notes to say they will pay for their sins. One by one the guests are being murdered. No one knows who the killer is.

I didn’t like this story . It just wasn’t for me. It was a very dark story with twists and turns. I believe there was just too much sex and kink for me. I think it went past erotica as far as  I am concerned. But I am sure there a lot of people who will love this story.