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Great Story and Characters

Taken by the CEO - Stefanie London

Emmaline/ Em never asked for much in her life. Em was getting a divorce after six years with a cheating man.who had made her a trophy wife with no purpose or achievements of her own.Em had walked in on  her husband having sex with his business partner in the dental exam chair.  Em was determined to be someone new. So Em now worked in the H R department of one of the biggest retailers in Australia - Wentworth group. Edward/ Parker came back to become CEO of the family business to take over and restore the value of their name. A name his father had dragged through the mud. Em’s sister Grace said she needed to take up a hobby and she decided running would be a good hobby. Em’s first time out she had taken the neighbor’s  Chihuahua and had ended up falling and then locked the dog, her keys,her purse, and phone in the car.  She stopped Parker and asked to use his phone when she explained why. Em told Parker her name was Sarah. Parker asked “Sarah” out to dinner and she had Parker meet her at her brother in law's bar. Sarah was not going to be like Em who had been born with a silver spoon in her mouth a “ society girl”. Sarah was going to be an ordinary girl with an ordinary life and problems. Em decided at dinner as “ Sarah” she would have her first ever one night stand. Parker was fine with a  one night stand also. Then Parker goes to meet his new employees and finds out Sarah is really Em and is one of  his employees. Em finds out Parker is really Edward though he never uses that name and was the C E O of the company she works for which has ASTAR program that takes the best performers and gives them an accelerated career plan. Then after a late meeting Parker asked Em to come home with him again. Something about em made Parker forget his responsibilities and problems. Parker made Em feel desirable and wanted and alive.

I loved this story. It had a great plot. I loved how em finally got away from her unfulfilling  marriage and was making a career for herself. I also loved how how Parker took it upon himself to show Em how good sex can be. I loved how determined Parker was to not feel anything but desire for Em but in the end….  I loved how Em stood up to Parker and ended things because she felt controlled again. I didn’t find anything to complain about in this story which is unusual but great. Everything just seemed to fall in place. I felt like i was there with em and Parker . i loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.