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Great Story and Characters

Love, Always and Forever - Alexis Morgan

Mikhail had only been asleep two hours when he woke up. Then he realized someone was ringing his doorbell he thought it was one of his brothers but it turned out to be his new neighbor- Amy. Mikhail had only been in his house for three months he had been a marine for ten years now he was a firefighter. Amy had brought brownies with her. Amy had moved next store last week. Amy had come to talk to Mikhail about his part of the fence. Mikhail said he would talk to her later and went back to bed. Mikhail caught Amy as she almost fell as she had started tearing down the fence . Mikhail told her he would help and have his brother  to give them a quote as he might as well do his own fence since Amy was. He had been building fences since before Mikhail had been out of H S. Mikhail wasn’t looking for a long term relationship . he had convinced his mom and brothers he was doing fine most of the time even if he wasn’t. There were too many dark memories mixed in with an equal number of regrets for him to be satisfied with how his life turned out. Amy hated keeping secrets from her family but sometimes it was for the best. Amy bought her own house one hundred miles from her parents and four brothers as they were too overprotective as she had encountered a lot of health problems because of her bad heart valve. But she had surgery and was doing great. After working on the fence together Mikhail invited Amy for barbecue and they rode on his Harley and she loved it. Then Mikhail kissed Amy. Amy was experiencing a lot of firsts with Mikhail.

Story it went through two different pasts but both were very deep  pain. Amy and her bad heart and Mikhail with his guilt of his mother’s death and all  he had seen and done while being a marine and serving his country. This really choked me up at times. But then at other times it really warmed my heart I felt like I was there with Amy and Mikhail. How could you not love Amy or Mikhail. I also loved Mikhail's brothers and mom who loved him so much and would do anything they could for him. At least his  brothers understood what Mikhail was going through as they had all went through it. SUCH a touching story with a great plot. I could not find anything to complain about in this story which is great. It has become a new favorite of mine. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.