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Deception in Emeralds (Ransomed Jewels Book 4) - Laura Landon


Deception in Emeralds (Book Four: Ransomed Jewels Series) by award-winning and best-selling author Laura Landon.

Publication date: March 14th, 2017

Genre: Historical Romance/Mystery and Suspense


BARNABY LINSCOTT, under orders from the Crown, must apprehend or kill one of England’s most elusive villains. The means to accomplish his mission are anything but clear, but his mind is resolved. The man has already murdered three government agents, and Barnaby vows he will not be the fourth, though he has little to lose. That is, until he meets the partner assigned to carry out his deadly mission.


LADY MILLICENT CHANDLER has lost everything. Her beautiful Cliffside Manor has been burned, her parents, her brother Thomas, and her sister Polly all murdered. When her trusted servants bring her their suspicions that her handsome neighbor is directly involved, she knows exactly what she’ll do. She will accept his proposal of marriage. And take her revenge.




His lips touched hers.

He was adequate to the task, but when his tongue attempted to breach her mouth, she lost what little courage she had left. She turned her head away from him and sucked in a huge breath of air.

Millicent wanted to swipe her gloved hand over her mouth to erase any trace of Radburn from her flesh, but she knew he would take it as an unforgivable insult. Instead, she clamped her lips together and struggled to calm her racing heart.

He was angry. She knew he was. His body stiffened beside her, and he moved away from her on the carriage seat.

“If I didn’t know better, I could almost think you were repulsed by my kisses.”

His voice was low and soft, but his words brimmed with accusation.

“No, Marcus,” she stammered. “It’s only that you surprised me. I . . . uh . . . I’m not as experienced as you would like me to be.”

“I don’t want you to be experienced, my dear. But I do expect you to be willing.”

“I am,” Millicent said, but the words didn’t sound sincere even to her own ears. “I simply need time.”

“Time is something you don’t have in abundance. Our wedding will take place in a matter of days—hardly enough time to suddenly discover some well-hidden longing. You will be my wife whether you are ready . . . or not.”

He released a harsh sigh, then flicked the buggy whip at the horse.

The carriage horse bolted, then galloped forward as if trying escape Radburn’s anger.

Millicent wished she could do the same.


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