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Great Story and Characters

Some Practical Magic - Laurie C. Kuna

Cassandra/Cassie is a witch and had turned ninety and her mother was on her butt because she wanted to see Cassie married. Then her mother reminded her witches didn’t live much past two hundred and twenty years. Cassie’s mother was Medusa. Cassie was a journalist but also wrote some nonfiction books. She was going on a book tour . Endora was Cassie’s car/ familiar. For the last ten years Cassie had written a column on household hints ( also what her books were about)  called “ The Kitchen Witch” for the Salem Evening News.Cassie was proud of her writing skills. Her Book “When Dust Bunnies Attack” was already tenth on the nonfiction bestseller list.Mirak Sanders/ Mick was known to his fans as M. S. Kazimer  was a horror/suspense author. Jennifer was Mick’s former fiancee but still his publicist. Cassie and Mick were seated next to each other on the book signing part of the tour. Mick asked Cassie to autograph a book for him and told her he had her other books. Mick was having dinner with Robert Whitman who was suppose to be an author but was actually an FBI agent. A serial killer had started murdering people that duplicated crimes in Micks novels and using his murders as blueprints for his own murders. There had been fifteen in a five year time span. Mick was definitely attracted to Cassie and it was only getting stronger and Cassie was also attracted to him. Jennifer had finally ended their business association and flew back to N Y to pack her stuff and find her own apartment. It was never a good time for a witch to start a relationship with a  human so Cassie’s mother and other witches had said.

I loved this story . It had a great plot and held my attention from the beginning to the end. I loved how this had the paranormal aspect but also the suspense of the  serial killer in it. This story made me laugh at times. I was not happy to see Endora hurt in cat form by the killer. I liked how Medusa accepted Mick and the witches were all willing to help catch this killer. This was a great book to read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and also how it very successfully covered two genres and I highly recommend.