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Great Story and Characters

Legally Charming (Ever After) - Lauren Smith

Felicity was a good student in Chicago. Felicity favorite holiday was Halloween. Felicity had made friends with Layla and went to a party at her boyfriend's apartment it was a costume party. Felicity was spending the night and sleeping in Tanner’s ( Jared) brothers room as he wasn’t suppose to be back until Sunday. Tanner and Layla had been together for five years. Felicity’s dream was to be an artist and curator of a museum. Jared unexpectedly came home and shared the bed with Felicity and they just slept as there was nowhere else for them to sleep. Jared was a real estate lawyer and loved his job and had closed a real estate deal early and decided to come home to get some sleep in his own bed. Jared started to think about Felicity and she about him. There was something between them and they both knew it. Jared took her gown from the night before and her gym bag and waited at Felicity’s apartment door for her. Jared didn't like where she was living. Felicity found Jared could turn her jelly with just the curve of his lips.  Felicity stayed at Jared’s and the next morning got up and had to go to work he was in the shower so Felicity left him a note. Then Jared got a call from one of his two best friends - Thad- going on about this girl and he wants to take he out and the girl was felicity and Jared was mad. Jared didn’t play the field when he dated only one lady at a time. Somehow Jared felt strings to Felicity even if she pushed away. Felicity made Jared feel alive and real. Felicity then decided to take a chance on Jared and see where they would go. Jared’s boss is his ex girlfriend's father and he let Jared know if he and Shana were together he would be promoted if not he may be looking for a new job. Shana was also a lawyer at her father’s firm.

I loved this story it was great. It was a fast read. I loved the plot. I loved how Felicity but Jared and his job before herself. I absolutely loved the ending of this story. I also loved the show of friendship and how important it is to have true friends in your life. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.