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Good Story and Characters

A Limited Engagement - Bethany Michaels

Lilly was meeting Derek for lunch. Lilly had grown up next store to  Derek and his younger sister was Lilly’s best friend- Shana. Derek had been Lilly’s teenage crush. Lilly and Derek hadn’t seen much of each other since getting older with the  exception of holidays with their family’s. Derek invited Lily to ride home on his private jet after they had lunch. Lilly didn’t believe Derek was attracted to her but that didn’t stop her from reacting to him. Lilly missed the conversations they used to have. Derek had dreamed of being a big car racer and he was. Derek also made Lilly feel safe in her own skin. Lily had hit Richard her ex fiance in the nose for cheating  and he told her she was being transferred and going alone and she  lost her job as he was also her boss and that ended her career at Reynolds, Sherman and green. Lilly’s five year plan was also no longer obtainable. Derek’s family was rich before Derek began racing. Derek had issues with his dad because he felt his father had destroyed his family for his business. Lilly loved working in PR but Richard had had said he would let every company near and far know she was a basket case. Derek was having  lunch with Lilly to propose she act as his pretend fiance. He needed Lilly to help him then he could get rid of his father in his career and never have to speak to him again as he owned half of the racing team Derek was on. His father had helped Derek get started but Derek still resented him. He needed Lilly in order to get the Thomas Oil deal signed. The billionaire daughter Serena wanted Derek but for more than a fling and Derek only did flings. But if Derek rejected Serena that would mean he rejected her father.Serena was VIP of marketing for her father’s company. Lilly’s whole life Derek had argued with her, teased her, and annoyed her, bossed her around even but he had never complimented her that Lilly could remember but he was complimenting her now. Lilly agreed to be Derek's fake fiance for the weekend but then someone snapped a picture of Derek and Lilly coming out of the jewelry store and posted it online now everyone knew they were suppose to be engaged even their parents and hometown. Lilly and Derek decided to keep the engagement going for a couple more weeks.

I liked this story a lot. I learned something about car racing and all that goes into it so that was interesting. I liked how Derek’s dad was once “ he thought” Derek was engaged to Lilly but also when he let Derek know he wasn’t going to sell his share of the racing team.  I loved How Derek and Lilly acted when they knew Richard was at the restaurant made me laugh. There was a lot of things I really liked about this story but for some reason it didn’t completely WOW me would give it a 4.5 if I could. I loved Derek and Lilly together and how Lilly was strong enough to walk away. I also loved how the book ended. I thought the plot was great. I also loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.