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And Then There Was Me: A Novel of Friendship, Secrets and Lies - Sadeqa Johnson

Bea hated the beach as she always felt hideous no matter what she wore. Awilda was her best friend and asked why she even came to the beach.But Bea’s husband Lonnie never listened to Bea when she said she didn’t want to go to the beach.  Bea had know Awilda twenty some odd years. A Year ado Bea and Lonnie and their family had moved back to New Jersey. Bea was basically busy keeping up with Lonnie and the two kids now she was seven months pregnant and a surrogate for Lonnie’s cousin Mena. Bea hadn’t had any real fun in a while. Bea didn’t feel that staying home in the suburbs was who she was. Bea’s children were Chico who was ten and Alana who was five. Lonnie had already cheated on Bea several times and she wondered if he was again. Lonnie was very handsome and Bea was plain. Bea felt like an afterthought, invisible. Lonnie was cheating again and she couldn’t remember all the times he had cheated on her. He even had a son in Miami the same age as Alana. Bea stayed with Lonnie to preserve her family. But Bea binged and ate a lot then forced herself to bring it back up- Bulimia- She started putting food together to binge on when she found a diamond earring in the fold of Lonnie’s shirt. Before moving back to New Jersey Bea had worked as a nurse in NICU. when Mena called to see how Bea and the baby were doing it brought Bea back to her senses and she put the food back away and didn’t binge. When Bea went into labor she had tried to call her husband and his assistant said he had cleared his day and didn’t know where he was. Bea had an emergency c- section and could have died. Later she found out Awilda- her best friend who had introduced Bea and Lonnie- and Lonnie were having an affair and that was where Lonnie had been all day.

I had a hard time getting into this story but I did finish it. I had mixed feelings about it.It talked about Bulimia and i learned about that which was good of the author to show things about this disorder. Not6 enough is really known about this disorder. I don’t know why Bea stayed with Lonnie she wasn’t happy once she moved and just more affairs and just wanted Bea to forgive and forget. I I was happy to see Bea take charge of her  life and he neighbor there to help her. I did feel this story dragged in places. There were things I liked and things I didn’t about this story. I would give it a 3.5 if I could.