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Another Great Book in a Great Series

Firestorm: A Dragon Romance (Dark Kings) - Donna Grant

Dmitri, King of the White Dragons is being sent back to his old home on Fair Island. An archeologist, Dr. Faith Reynolds, has uncovered dragon bones, proof that the dragons exist. This is something that can’t be let out into the public. When Dmitri gets there, he finds that for the first time ever, he’s found a human he can’t resist.

I’ve read most of this series, so i was excited to get approved for this book. When I started reading it, much of the build up was like the others, making it a little slow. However, at about 50% into the book, the author gives a bigger look into Con, the King of Kings, as well as an update on Rhi, my absolute favorite character of the series. From then it moves pretty steady with some pretty good twists, continuing my absolute love of this series and this author. I really can’t wait for Rhi and Con to each get their own books. I highly recommend.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book