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Great Story and Characters

Shadow Wolf - Jane Godman

Hebdrik’s daughter Valetta was missing. Hendrik’s friend Samson was there to help Hendrik find Valetta. Hendrik had retired from the Brotherhood of the Midnight Son but Samson still belonged to the Brotherhood and was Hendrik’s best friend. Samson nor Hendrik had ever heard of the Shadow Wolf. A Shadow Born wolf is a rare spirit form that  can form a bond with another species of wolf copying everything about them until it becomes a mirror image of the host. The Shadow wolf’s purpose is to breed with the host werewolf. Once it succeeds the problems will arise. The cubs of the Shadow wolf known as the Shadow Born have the power to destroy the host species. The wolves of the  Guardians Of Hati believe hendrik is harboring A Shadow Born werewolf. Valetta told Samson it was true as she was the Shadow Born werewolf. Her mother had left Valetta a letter to open whens he was twenty one. So Valetta had been dealing with that knowledge by herself for two years as her mother had asked Valetta not to tell her father Theresa - Valetta’s mother- had been a  Shadow wolf Samson had a mate -Anna- who had been killed while he was out hunting and Samson held that guilt to himself. Samson’s feelings had shut down until five years ago when Valetta had kissed him. Every since she had shifted the first time Valetta had sensed something deep inside herself . Valetta had not allowed herself to shift in two years since she had read the letter. When Hendrik had went out two weeks ago for a couple hours his daughter was home but when he came back she was gone but her car was still there and her purse and phone were still in the kitchen. In the two weeks Valetta had been missing there was no word from her or from whoever had taken her. Hendrik was a well known and respected figure in Alaskan politics and he was also an Arctic werewolf.A vicious motorcycle gang seems to be targeting Hendrik. Samson asks if Hendrik if he thinks this Shadow Born stuff was coming from the motorcycle gang targeting him. Hendrik said the timing was right. The gang turned up about the same time the campaign against Hendrik started. Also the members of the gang look like Arctic werewolves. Samson had been looking for Valetta for days and had met about every motorcycle gang leader in a fifty mile radius. The last gang had a girl with them and her name was Cindy who had been kidnapped two years ago. Cindy told Samson  a gang came into their territory and they had a girl named Valetta with them and she had been angry when Cindy had seen her. The gang's name had been The Guardians Of Hati- who was the wolf God of the Arctic wolves. Then  Samson finally met up with The Guardians Of Hati and the leader was Valetta. Valetta had fallen in love with Samson when she was a teen and at eighteen had offered herself to Samson but Samson had gently but firmly turned her down.After that Samson had stayed away from Hendrik for five years.because he had really wanted Valetta and felt it wasn’t right.  But he had come very close to accepting her. Valetta had taken over the gang with no problem but she knew eventually she would come up against the real person behind all the hate against her dad. Samson offered to stay so he could help.

I loved this story it was a good read and kept my interest all the way through. I liked how things just fell together or so it seemed. I enjoyed how Samson was so attracted to Valette but it was his best friend’s daughter so he was tore but Valetta had never stopped loving Samson.  If I were Hendrik I would want someone as good and brave and strong to be with my daughter. I liked the action in this story and I love how the Arctic wolves are different even those that could shift when they wanted they still maintained the way of the Arctic wolf and the love and draw of the Midnight Sun. All and all a great story. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and i highly recommend.