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Ill Will - Dan Chaon

Dustin Tillman had been drifting along in life . Dustin was a psychologist and had two teenage sons. Then his cousin Kate called from L A about Dustin's older adopted  brother Russell who had been sent to prison for the murder of  his parents Colleen and Dave and his Aunt Vicki and Uncle Lucky. Russell was six years older that Dustin. Dustin remembered how Russell had: shot him in the back with his BB gun. Listened to death metal, carved a pentagram into his forearm, who had destroyed a snowman Dustin had built. Russell who was delighted by  Dustin's fear of the dark and would wait until Dustin was settled in bed and turn off the light and close the door until Dustin screamed. A body had been found by some college girls his name was Peter Allingham- he was a college sophomore and one of Dustin’s patients thought it was a link to several other drownings. Dustin thought back to when he was thirteen and his parents were murdered as well as his aunt and uncle. He had been in the camper with his twin cousins Kate and Wave until the next morning when Dustin found his mother and held her for one last time. Kate told Dustin that Russell had not killed his parents or hers that three different laboratories had done independant DNA tests proving Russell’s innocence. Russell had spent almost twenty nine years in prison for this crime.

I could not get into this story it was just all over the place and even repeated itself. It  did not hold my interest in any way.