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Good Story and Characters

Her Rebel Heart - Jamie Farrell

Marcus came back to Sanctuary Island and now owned the bar The Buttercup Inn. But it was empty but for one person Patty Cuthbert. But Marcus had screwed then dumped Sanctuary island’s sweetheart Quinn. This town takes care of it’s own per Patty. When Marcus came home the first thing he did was sleep with Quinn the literal girl next store and ten years younger than him. Marcus had let Quinn move upstairs. Every time Marcus was in the same room as Quinn her sunshine smile and cute freckles made him itch to touch her. Quinn stopped to Marcus. Quinn said she could get the townspeople to come into the bar and stop boycotting it all Marcus had to do was pretend to be Quinn’s boyfriend for the next four weeks as her parents seem to be fighting over her and this would show them she had a job and a serious boyfriend. But in a month would be their thirtieth wedding anniversary if Quinn couldn’t get them to renew their vows inside a month she would let them go and get a divorce if that was what they wanted. Quinn told Marcus not to worry she knew they weren’t really back together but the town knew they had been together and would verify it to her parents. It wouldn’t be much according to  Quinn a couple of dinners maybe a picnic or something. Just enough to make her parents believe they were in love. Then Marcus agreed to it. Marcus told Quinn he needed her to promise not to get caught up in the act. Quinn had a moment of doubt about her ability to get through the next four weeks with her heart and sanity intact. Marcus hated how Quinn's Parents hurt her without meaning to. Then Marcus proposed to Quinn as all Marcus could think about was protecting Quinn from pain. Quinn’s mother Ingrid had a marriage Guru Ron and he came to Sanctuary island from N. Mexico to supposedly help Quinn’s parents fix their marriage. Then Ingrid invited Quinn and Marcus to also stay with them as well as Ron.  Marcus gave in and said he would stay the two weeks with her parents as that is how long Ron would be there.

I liked this story a lot. It had a good plot and well written. I liked how Marcus tried to put Quinn first even if she didn’t see it that way. I liked Quinn as a person she was really a sweet person and she definitely loved Marcus no doubt about that. I felt bad that Marcus had lost people he loved and he felt guilt for Buttercup’s death. I was glad when he finally talked to his dad.  This was just a good enjoyable read and I loved how the story was ended. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.